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Advanced Communication Technology for Demanding Environments

Mesh Intercom™ is a dynamic communication system created by Sena that provides instant and effortless communication without a pre-grouping process. Mesh Intercom allows users to connect and communicate with nearby users without the need to pair each headset together. In contrast, Bluetooth Intercom is a peer-to-peer communication network that pairs users in a sequential order. It requires a pairing process before using intercom communication. From lightweight and general-use headsets to Sena’s durable hearing protection line of products, Mesh Intercom offers the best communication solution for noisy industrial settings and rugged outdoor worksites. Mesh Intercom’s proven technology can adapt to any application, allowing workers to perform at their best.

Sena’s industrial-grade communication solutions can be configured to the task at hand, in any group size or setting, making workplaces as safe and efficient as possible. The Mesh Intercom product set offers superior performance both for heavy duty usage where safety is paramount and for lightweight applications where worker flexibility is necessary.

Sena provides advanced communication solutions for a number of critical operations, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Marine
  • Arborist 
  • Construction
  • Public Works
  • Utilities
  • Fire
  • Transportation


Mesh Intercom™ vs. Bluetooth Intercom

Mesh Intercom is a communication network that enables connections with a limitless number of people. When a user activates Mesh Intercom, they are immediately connected with other nearby users in the same Mesh network. Open communication, otherwise known as Open Mesh Intercom, features a multi-channel protocol, allowing users to communicate with headset users across separate channels. In addition, a separate closed communication network can be created.

Bluetooth Intercom is a peer-to-peer communication method in the form of chain connection, enabling communication of up to 4 headsets. A pairing process is required before a user is able to communicate with others, allowing users to dictate who is connected to their headset.

  Mesh Intercom™ Bluetooth Intercom
Communication Method Mesh Network
Peer-to-peer communication
Number of Connections Virtually limitless
Up to 4 devices
Pairing Before Connecting No pairing required Need to pair beforehand
Security Open communication
Private group communication
Connection only with paired devices


Mesh Intercom

Mesh Intercom

Bluetooth Intercom

Bluetooth Intercom


Benefits of Mesh Intercom™

This communication technology delivers a robust new level of reliable intercom connection and intelligent routing management to an adaptive and autonomous communication network. The innovative system of prompts and responses between the Mesh-enabled headsets results in a high portion of data transfer, providing premium intercom audio quality with a steady connection. Mesh Intercom works across even the harshest and most challenging conditions, without any interference from WiFi, electricity or other communication signals.

Additionally, information sharing between connected devices happens in real time at unparalleled speeds, allowing Mesh Intercom to instantly assess the optimal path for delivering messages to all participants in the network. Within the same channel in Open Mesh™ or the same private group in Group Mesh™, six users can talk at the same time and experience the best-possible quality for their conversation.

With Mesh, reconnecting devices is simple. If any user happens to drop out or leave the range of the group, they can seamlessly rejoin by simply entering the range once more, no manual input required. Additionally, with Sena’s Bluetooth-to-Mesh adapters, non-Mesh Bluetooth headsets can become part of a worksite’s Mesh network without having to retrofit their existing technology.

With Mesh Intercom, you can achieve an unprecedented level of reliable communication for enhanced team connectivity. Mesh-enabled teams stay connected like never before, enabling higher productivity and better team collaboration.

Mesh Intercom™ Functions and General Features

Superior one-to-one communication thanks to significant algorithm improvements

  • An ingenious method of confirming data reception being sent between Mesh Intercom networked devices has been devised.
  • Robust and reliable intercom connections, proven to perform in a variety of environments and applications.

Optimized Smart Routing Management

  • In Mesh Intercom, each connected device shares information with each other, meaning each device is aware of anyone connected to the network.
  • Based on the information, Mesh Intercom selects the best path, typically the one free of obstructions, to deliver messages.
  • Devices are constantly polled to determine their presence and, based on the information, Mesh Intercom chooses the best pathway to transmit.

Two Mesh Intercom Modes

  • Open Mesh Intercom includes a multi-channel function, allowing you to communicate with a virtually unlimited number of users (within range) across 9 channels.
  • Group Mesh Intercom supports up to 24 participants in a private communication group.
  • In addition to the two Mesh Intercom modes, some devices are also equipped with a standard Bluetooth Intercom mode.

A Powerful Communication System, Designed for Reliability

  • Audio intercom clarity is significantly boosted.
  • Optimal path planning leads to fewer communication disruptions due to obstacles and interferences on the worksite.
  • Crystal-clear intercom sound quality in intense environments.
  • Communication quality is stronger, able to reach all connected devices.

    Sena Mesh Intercom Compatible Products

    Tufftalk M


    • Available in over-the-head earmuffs and with hard-hat mount
    • Hands-free communication thanks to full-duplex technology
    • Suitable for large group communications thanks to Mesh Intercom™ technology
    • 9 communication channels allow workers to separate into different groups


    MeshPort Blue


    • Integrate other brands of Bluetooth headsets to Mesh Intercom, including Apple AirPods or Google Pixel buds
    • Retrofit existing industrial headsets into Mesh Intercom for worksite
    • Lightweight and hands-free operation


    MeshPort Red


    • Connect smartphones or tablets to Mesh Intercom network with Bluetooth-to-Mesh conversion technology
    • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet
    • Offsite personnel can communicate with teams at worksites