A firefighter’s job is one of the world’s most dangerous. They have relied heavily on electronic two-way communications to work better and safer in critical situations for decades. More and more firefighters are understanding the value of Sena Bluetooth and Mesh Intercom solutions for secure communications, reliability, and comfort.

Reliable, Secure Communications Critical to Firefighters

Easy to Deploy and Use

Sena solutions are easy to use and deploy with no need for other hardware or complex configurations. Sena Industrial’s solutions are plug and play, require little set up, offer handsfree operation with limitless connections, have multi-channel support and self-healing network technology that makes work groups always active and seamless with node registry updates every second.

Safe and Protective

Sena solutions are ideal for physical distancing in industrial work settings while clearer communication reduces errors and potential accidents. Its protective wear headsets offer an extra degree of protection in noisy workplaces by helping to dull loud or distracting sounds for optimum comfort as well as providing the necessary protection from permanent hearing loss.

Inherently Secure

Sena’s Bluetooth and Mesh Intercom solutions are secure and give workers the peace of mind that communications or data will not be compromised. The very nature of Bluetooth’s permission-based conversations keeps others from hacking into private discussions to disrupt workflow and endanger teams.

Bluetooth and Mesh Products

Increase workplace efficiency and safety with long-range, onsite BLUETOOTH® and Mesh Intercom product options from Sena Industrial.