Airports are some of the noisiest work environments. Workers in aviation need to communicate effectively by cancelling out outside noise and having headsets that protect hearing loss. Sena solutions are designed to meet both challenges while providing comfort to workers working long shifts in all kinds of weather.

Noise, Weather and Large Work Area -- Sena Meets the Challenges of Aviation

Improves Productivity and Efficiency

Sena's technology helps workers be more productive and efficient through better communications, handsfree operation, task efficiency with real-time group communications using Mesh Intercom technology which allows them to reduce response time without face-to-face communications in distance work settings.

Safe and Protective

Sena solutions are ideal for physical distancing in industrial work settings while clearer communication reduces errors and potential accidents. Its protective wear headsets offer an extra degree of protection in noisy workplaces by helping to dull loud or distracting sounds for optimum comfort as well as providing the necessary protection from permanent hearing loss.

Flexible, Compatible and Expandable

Sena offers a flexible product set that allows users to design custom Bluetooth and Mesh Intercom solutions to support any industrial application whether peer-to-peer or team communications in small or large settings, regardless of noise factors or worksite demands. Its MeshPort adapters make Sena equipment compatible with other brands of headsets and expandable through Mesh Intercom technology while allowing connectivity with smartphones and tablet PCs.

Bluetooth and Mesh Products

Increase workplace efficiency and safety with long-range, onsite BLUETOOTH® and Mesh Intercom product options from Sena Industrial.